Blooming safe: Ingenious planter bike lock

garden design


Considering small garden design is important and needs to be divisive, practical as well aesthetic. Front gardens need to do all of those things and more. Needless to say they need to provide access to the front door, but also need to store bins, bikes, and remain attractive setting the house off at its best advantage. As a designer who has created a lot of London front garden designs, this product from The front yard company, delivers on every level. Compact and practical it can be used in back gardens, balconies, communal gardens, and other maintained public places. It’s concept is simple. It creates an immovable object in the form of a planter on to which you can lock the bike. It claims to accommodate most bicycle types on the market and the frame and wheels can both be secured to the plant lock for added security. There is no installation costs and maintenance is minimal as it is made from durable materials. The only decision you would need to make is what plants to put in there. I would recommend a backbone of evergreen shrubs, maybe some topiary, with seasonal bedding to add colour and interest. A definite must for any London front garden design.