Sign of the times: logos come to life

garden design

Sign of the times: logos come to life

Cute, cute, cute! In a small space garden design it is always difficult to find new and exciting ways to pair up a space.

These living logos come to life literally. They’re by Exaprint and are being marketed for company logos, but I see no reason why you couldn’t do some graffiti in your own backyard.

They really speak to me and would be great to do on a garden wall. They claim that they need no lighting or watering. Now that’s what I call low maintenance! They’ve replaced the sap of the plant with bio-friendly glycerine based fluid which means the growth is halted and therefore needs no attention. You don’t have to settle for green either as they also come in a variety of colours too.

You can really have fun with this product, and with the current interior design trend for typography there is nothing to stop you extending that into the garden. We love it!