An East London chef looking for a outdoor kitchen garden design!

garden design

This client in East London, was a chef and was looking for a lush garden design to create a space that could provide an opportunity to grow vegetables as well as create a beautiful outdoor kitchen. They had several dogs which also need to be considered in the design as they use the garden as a toilet, and the client was keen to train them and give a special area in which to do this.

They wanted to create a large area for cooking and house an outdoor kitchen as well as a pizza oven and barbecue. A sandstone patio adjoining the house with decking pathway running through the garden will create different levels and interest. Planting beds across the centre of the garden would divide the garden into two sections and add interest and intrigue.

The back end of the garden will be used for relaxing with a garden sofa and chairs sited round a fire bowl. Two cedar fence panels crossing the space about a metre apart allow for a forceful backdrop behind which the storage unit and the sandbox for the dogs can be incorporated. Specimen trees were to be included probably in the form of olive or box hedge to accentuate the space further. An outdoor kitchen was to run down the right hand side of the garden incorporating all the cooking elements required.