Cherry Picks – funky garden sculptures!

garden design


Cheeky! I’m not a big fan of garden sculpture in garden designs, I think it’s a very personal choice and rarely do I make a suggestion to the client as to what type of sculpture they should have in the garden. Normally I might just highlight an area where a potential sculpture should go. I would hate for somebody to select art for my lounge as similarly I think a sculptor in the garden needs to touch somebody in the right way.

These cheeky cherries from Ian Gill Sculpture however tickled me. I love the sense of proportion, they have an Alice in Wonderland type feel to them with the oversized retro feel. Made from forged steel with rust finish, they look great just plotted on the garden lawn as though they have fallen off the trees. I do think they look good in groupings but then at well over £1,000 per pair for the largest size, it could be a very expensive art display.