Ideas needed for a grown up family garden

garden design

This client had lived in this family home for number of years. Her children are now teenagers so this garden design was to provide something with a more grown up feel beyond the existing climbing frame. The garden has a small courtyard area directly outside the basement, and then stairs about a metre height difference up to the garden property. It already had raised beds in the space and these were to be incorporated in the final design.

We increased the patio size, and used a variety of materials to add interest across the space. Setting the garden at a 45° angle gave the illusion of it being larger than it was. A series of box hedges, and box balls help create division in the space again creating the illusion of it being larger than it actually is.

A large area of artificial lawn will provide a low maintenance option, while the corners of the garden were to be given over to the teenage children to hang out. To the left outpost, a covered structure in which they could gather in all weathers and directly outside here would be an outdoor table tennis table. To the right hand side, an integrated sofa and fire pit will allow for a community atmosphere in the area.

In order to unify the space, a series of box balls, polyurethane light balls, and stainless steel spears were to be positioned in groupings of three creating a flow and rhythm throughout the space. The lower area directly outside the back door was to have an integrated seat and a series of three box balls and illuminated planters with black Perspex screen backdrop behind.

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