Funky garden sculptures with added support

garden design

Creating interest in a small garden design can be tricky. It needs to deliver on a number of levels, practically, aesthetically and often low maintenance to cope with busy lifestyles. If you’re looking to create a quirky garden feature or just want to make some low-level updates to your space these fern plant supports from Stray Spark really ticks the box.

Made from hand forged curved bars this organic sculpture can sit within a planted bed creating height and structure as well as winter interest. As they claim on the website “gives height to the border without taking up too much space”. You could leave it as a stand alone feature or use a clematis as a climber to twine through it as a support. The great thing to remember about anything like this is it takes seconds to install and can be done by anybody. I think it would be a great talking point in any garden, well worth some air time!

garden sculpture