A Fun Family Garden in Brentwood

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The clients have renovated the interior of their large semi-detached house and are now turning their attention is to the back garden.

They intend to install a large garden building which will double as a spare room and office space. Dave is a builder, so they will be undertaking the work themselves.

They are looking for a design that is modern but not so modern that it is in danger of becoming dated in the future.

The plans should include a hot tub and a putting green


The existing fences will be painted dark grey. A large patio will be constructed adjoining the right hand side of the house, running flush with the interior and stretching down the garden.

A panel of grey Perspex will be fixed to the right hand boundary wall to provide an attractive backdrop to this area, allowing for a series of planters to be placed against it and up lit at night.The existing mature Acer will remain.

Decking steps will lead down at the front left the patio to join a long decking path running down the right hand side of the garden in front of the proposed new structure. To left of the patio adjoining the house a step leads down to a decked area running along the building.

The area outside the kitchen door will house a hot tub which will appear to be semi-sunk within the decking.This area will be screened with laser cut panels in organic decorative patterns, and feature a large Cor-Ten weathered steel planter containing a mature olive tree. Planting beds to the front of the decking will contain a decorative textured wall bordered with Ilex Crenata hedge to add height and interest to the space.

The main section of the garden will feature a large grass lawn leading to a porcelain tiled patio in the centre of the garden opposite the new garden building. This patio will be large enough to accommodate various garden furniture and a fire pit to enable late nighttime entertaining.

A line of flat top pleached trees installed in a bed separating the lawn and patio will add further height to the space.A second planting bed will separate the patio section from the rear of the garden, which will house a shed and the client’s proposed putting green.

Planting in the space will be contemporary with an Italian theme. The colour scheme will be predominantly purple, green and white, with emphasis on perennials and evergreen shrubs to give the garden year round interest.

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