A garden design to socialise in

garden design

This client in Rayleigh was looking for an Essex garden designer to give their garden an overhaul. They bought the property the year previous and were struggling to know what to do with it. The client’s wanted to make the best of their existing outdoor swimming pool but also wanted a garden design to socialise in. The pool currently had very little usable space around it. Katrina designed a terrace to the left hand side of the garden which would promote access to the pool. A sun sail would provide welcome shade from the sun over the terrace. It would also be a great space for socialising so could house a fireplace and sofa.

The large lawn was to remain across the middle of the garden however the pergola to the right was to be removed and would make way for a pathway. The existing pool house at the bottom right of the garden was to remain but to maximise space, the area in front could be used for the children with an outdoor table tennis table and basketball hoop. To the right of the property there was a white area down the side of the house which was underused. Katrina felt that this would make a beautiful area for dining and could include a pizza oven and barbecue as well as a large dining table next to the kitchen. A water feature will span the width of the space falling from the raised pool area at the back, into a water rill which will be flush with the lawn. This could be illuminated at night and will be visible from the dining room and lounge and create a focal point for the garden.