A Modern Garden Design Presentation – A crisp clean garden space

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The focus of this garden design is on creating a crisp clean space with plenty of seating. Directly outside the patio doors will be a section of linear silver-grey granite plank paving spanning the width of the garden. The paving adjoins hardwood decking, also spanning the width of the garden and continuing vertically up a new 4m long x 2m high section of concrete block wall constructed along the left boundary. The decking will also feature a decked bench laid with the same board direction, to create a single continuous flow. A matching configuration of decking/bench/wall cladding will feature the other side of a central table.


The table area itself will also follow the same pattern using black granite as the motif – black granite paving on the floor, blending in to a black granite table with a black granite panel to the side wall. The black granite flooring will feature a stainless steel water rill which will be fed by a stainless steel water blade mounted on a large oak block structure on the right hand side. A single chunky oak arch installed over the length of the table will allow for lighting and climbing plants. A rendered block raised bed constructed across the garden will help separate the seating area from the rest of the garden.

The existing tree will be replaced with an Acer. A central lawn will be bisected at two intervals with planting beds cutting into the space. All the planting beds will feature block planting to create a modern streamlined look. An oak beam arch will provide a suitable framework to hang children’s play equipment, with oak cubes to help create rhythm in the space. The back right hand corner is where the main entertaining in the garden will happen. A patio constructed from silver-grey granite planks will be large enough to accommodate an L-shaped sofa. This area will be enclosed by a bespoke oak pergola with a designer decorative panel roof, constructed from rusted Corten steel with a retro circle pattern to create attractive shadow patterns below. Silver birch trees provide height and elegance to the rear of the garden.

A bespoke timber shed in the back left hand corner provides attractive storage. For privacy, the left hand boundary will be replaced with horizontal hit-and-miss fence panels, which will be echoed on the right hand boundary with horizontal open-slatted softwood timber screens fixed to the top of the existing wall.

family garden design
family garden design