A Modern Front Garden Design Presentation – East London

garden design


This front garden is in desperate need of an overhaul. It is large enough to accommodate two cars comfortably, and the client wishes to combine the aesthetics of a planted front garden with a practical driveway.

They would like low-maintenance but with flowering throughout the year. The existing boundaries need renovation. There is a mature tree that should remain.


The design has been set at a 45° angle to the house to make entering and exiting to the driveway easier.

Sandstone sets provide a solid platform for a parked vehicle, continuing to the front door parallel with the fence and across the garden at a 45° angle to enable the client to access the rubbish bins (which will be housed in a new bin store).

The bold dynamic shapes of the garden will be accentuated with a box hedge.

Planting in the garden will be low maintenance and long flowering with plenty of seasonal interest.

family garden design
family garden design