A Modern Garden Design – with a Moroccan influence

garden design


The clients have just bought a property off Portobello Road in West London. They are very excited about having a garden and are looking to include the exterior space as part of the overall renovations for the space.

Currently the garden is tired and a little overgrown with little interest apart from a shed. The boundaries are all sound brick walls and the garden is positioned over three shallow levels.

The client expressed an interest in a garden design with a Moroccan influence as she understandably likes the bright colours of the tiles. She is keen that there space takes into account her dog and has some grass. As they both travel a lot low maintenance is also a governing factor.


The space includes a deep daybed/bench with storage underneath for cushions. Deep and with a back, a small number of the encaustic tiles can be included on the back rest.

A timber frame sits over the bench allowing for a climbing plant and Moroccan lantern to be featured in the space. A decked wall shoots upwards to offset the height of the tree in the opposing corner. The bench will be built from blocks and rendered white to tie in with the interior and other block walls in the space.

Honed Sandstone makes up the patio which is inset with a encaustic tile rug leading you onto artificial lawn. A raised bed runs down the left hand side, a flush one the right. Across the back of the garden is a second seating area under the tree canopy ready to accommodate a piece of stylish furniture. A Moroccan water fountain compliments this space further which sits centrally on a slightly raised area of aggregate.

A raised bed in the back left sets off some leafy green plants and a flush level aggregate bed in front is packed with Zantedeschia aethiopica ‘Crowborough’. The rest of the planting will be lush and leafy with a large Dicksonia Antarctica in the back right supported by various climbers, shrubs and perennials to give a simple yet lush scheme with year round interest.

family garden design
family garden design
family garden design