A Modern Town Garden Design – East London

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These clients have lived in their property for a few months and have now turned their attentions to the back garden. They live in Leytonstone, East London and were keen to commission a garden designer to turn their space into a modern town garden.

The kitchen leads directly onto the garden and they wish to make the garden feel like an extension of the main living space. They have a table which they would like to use in the space and would also like this modern town garden design to be very lush and full of plants.

The garden is currently split into two levels and the redesign should create a space that is all on one level.


There is also an ugly wall down the side return which the client would like to hide. The design combats the level change by using raised railway sleeper raised beds around the boundary of the main area.

The ground in the main area will be levelled and the soil removed will be used in part to fill the sleeper beds (of various heights).

The sleeper beds will help to create interest and depth to this modern garden design, allowing room for deep seating without compromising the usable floor space.

To the right of the space, the existing fences will be replaced with cedar panels over which evergreen Trachelospermum jasminoides will be encouraged to climb. In the back right of the space a Dicksonia Antarctica will create a stunning focal point from the kitchen.

An L-shaped fixed railway sleeper bench is set back slightly into a raised bed to create a snug seating area surrounded by plants. The existing back wall will be rendered as necessary and painted aubergine to create a warm colourful backdrop.

The left hand side of the space will include a bed dedicated to herbs planting, while a flush bed running parallel to the house near the back door will feature grasses and other ‘airy’ plants to add layering and perspective to the design.

Gravel will be used to cover the existing floor along the sideway, with a simple bamboo screen erected to cover the unsightly boundary wall.

Flooring in the main garden will be Mint Fossil Indian Sandstone in a random pattern which completes this gorgeous modern town garden design in East London.

family garden design
family garden design
family garden design