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Earth Designs have years of experience working on all kinds of garden design in Tiptree. We are a skilled and reliable team of local garden designers and landscapers. On this page, we will take you through the process of designing specifically a new build garden in Tiptree.

New Build Garden Designers In Tiptree

Creating an attractive new build garden design in Tiptree.

The clients were looking for a garden designer in Tiptree to transform the new build garden.

As is often the case with new developments, the garden has been given the bare minimum of attention in comparison to the interior of the property, and it is clean and functional but with virtually no character or points of interest.

Both clients are keen travellers, and they have also recently acquired three kittens. They would like a garden that reflects the interior décor and that is principally low-maintenance with a little bit of provision for “grow your own” gardening. The design should have a modern, sleek finish with plenty of space for entertaining.

They are considering investing in a garden office at a later date, which should be allowed for in the design.

How We Designed The New Build Garden In Tiptree

Earth Designs’ garden designer in Tiptree has created a space that ticks all the boxes.

Paving throughout the garden will be a combination of dark grey ‘graphite’ granite planks and cream porcelain tiles. A porcelain paved patio adjoining the house will be partially covered by a softwood timber pergola with a decorative Cor-Ten steel panel installed on the roof.

To the front of this patio will be a flush planting bed within which will be a feature wall constructed from lightweight blocks clad with natural stone. A long stainless steel water blade installed on the rear face of the feature wall will cascade into a pebble dressed reservoir and rill in the planting bed below.

A railway sleeper raised bed constructed along the back of the garage will include an integrated bench seat. The middle section of the garden will feature a square section of lawn, with a granite plank path leading up the garden on the right hand side.

This path will dogleg to the left and lead to a second porcelain tile patio at the rear of the space. A series of softwood timber arches will stretch over this patio, adding height and drama to the garden.

The area to the left of this patio will be left free for the potential future installation of a garden office or other structure.

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A new build garden design in Tiptree