A sculptural chair to be reckoned with

garden design

Sometimes furniture can make a garden. In the case of these chairs by designer Tord Boontje, they not only provide you with sun and shade but also add a great sculptural element to any garden design. Totally unique and a real statement, they are dramatic in both shape and colour and will liven up the dullest winter garden.

The designer has this to say about his creations:

The Shadowy Chair deckchair and Sunny Longer sunbed has shapes that evoke the beach furniture found at the North Sea in Northern Europe in the twenties, become contemporary by the use of digitally drawn colour patterns and woven by expert African craftsmen using coloured plastic threads.

The structure is in steel, with a robust shape.

Shadowy has curious ruffles in the end parts, in the armrests and backrest that turn into a parasol cover.

In Sunny Longer the same ruffles become a comfortable headrest.

The coloured patterns are obtained by the weaving of four colours. Three versions are offered, one with three tones of green and blue, one with red, orange brown and yellow and the other with brown, white, pink and green.