Art and Garden Design: Off the Wall

garden design

Now given the size of a typical Earth Designs garden, this architectural beast is way out of our league. Art and Garden Design have an intrinsic relationship and its fun to look at this. We will never construct such a monster in one of our gardens. However I do think we can draw down some of the qualities of this piece and take inspiration from this fabulous building for one of our modern garden designs. Rich in form and texture, The Art Wall is a stunning building planned by designer Yongpeng Shen for construction in the heart of the vibrant and creative Southbank area of Melbourne, Australia. The mixed-use building would house an art library, studios & galleries, as well as residential & commercial spaces.

Garden Design ideas - The Art Wall

To transpose the themes of the building to a smaller scale would create a fantastic feature for a garden design. Mesh, steel, concrete and timber could all be combined to create depth and texture, whilst good use of lighting within the piece would offer the potential for real drama.

From a practical point of view, a large structure inspired by The Art Wall could be used for screening, storage, even as a play area or den (if planning permission allowed.) Just give me the garden and the client with vision to make it happen!