Grow a Friendly Space


The client is looking to create some interest in the space. There is no visible boundary between neighbouring gardens so looking to create natural division. Storage is required for both bicycles and other garden items. They would like to soften the large wall that is the backdrop to the space and green up the area. They are quite overlooked from above so would like to create a little bit of privacy if possible.


Directly outside the back door will be a path running parallel to the house, laid with wood effect porcelain slabs with a Scottish cobble surround. Three 50cm cube Corten weathered steel planters will line this path along the wall of the property. The path will lead to a bar area featuring a backdrop of a weatherproof print of a vintage DeHavilland poster as a nod to the building’s heritage. This area will also house a steel outdoor storage cupboard.

A large pergola made from chunky treated timber will span the width of the space, with a series of steel reinforcing rods installed between the overhead beams to provide a degree of privacy from above. The area beneath the pergola will be paved with 90cm x 60cm exterior porcelain tiles laid in a stretcher pattern. Directly outside the back door a cement effect planter will accommodate a mature tree fern, with two galvanised steel cattle troughs planted with airy grasses running down the right hand side to separate the garden from the neighbour’s section of the shared space.

Three huge planters filled with acers and trailing plants will be installed across the back of the space to create a visual break to the imposing rear wall. An artificial lawn installed in the back left of the space will provide a softer flooring option for sunbathing. This corner will also house a storage unit.

family garden design
family garden design