Art in the garden: Furnish your garden with love…

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I love the fusion between Art in the garden. It’s my base and something that turns me on. I embrace the idea that gardens can and should be seen as works of art, and any art installations that meet me halfway on that theory always grab my attention.

Garden Design Ideas – Kevin Hunt Cabinet

Kevin Hunt uses and recycles old pieces of furniture to create Garden Furniture

He says: ‘The Garden Furniture project came about through an interest in making sculpture that uses both permanent and ephemeral materials, altering a static piece of furniture by covering it in living, growing grass, the work therefore changed over time, altering itself, a process that became beyond my control.’

Ideas for garden design – Kevin Hunt Grass chairs

He takes old and battered pieces of furniture and gives them a new lease of life. Planting out old dressers or sowing broken down chairs with grass seeds, he nurtures them until established and then places them within art spaces begging audiences to question their use. It is a really fun idea which can easily be recreated in your own garden. I LOVE IT!

family garden design
family garden design