Artificial Lawn in Essex – you can fake it on a grand scale!

garden design

Essex – the home of Fake? If you are looking for Artificial Lawn in Essex we have the answer and you can fake it on a grand scale. If you are sick of the muck and bullets in the garden why not consdier getting artificial lawn? For a real sense of fun you could combine it with some of these funky blades.

Artificial lawn in Essex

It is always fun to play with scale in a garden. The ‘Alice in Wonderland’ appeal is always a gamechanger and works well applied in most modern garden settings. I really love this product Gradient from Plust. It is a great way of dividing up the space without for something heavy or cumbersome. It is quite portable if you wanted to move it around the space and can be used in series to create straight lines or offset irregular patterns. Great fun!