Artificial lawn provides fuss free green all year round

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artificial lawn

Artificial lawn. I am a huge fan. When we first started as a garden design build company in London back in 2003, artificial lawns were in it’s infancy and as such wasn’t of outstanding quality. However over the past 15 years they’ve come on leaps and bounds and I would say that it is now in my top five materials to use in gardens. It works beautifully in small space gardens because it is so versatile but also for family gardens as it can take a fair amount of abuse in terms of placing paddling polls, sand pits, climbing equipment on top of it without worrying that the grass will yellow. Obviously it is more expensive than real grass and does not necessarily have the same smell, but in a small garden it also dispenses with the need for a lawnmower thereby freeing up extra storage space. It goes without saying that it is low maintenance, and actually when we had a dog we even used bleach on it and it used to stand up to that.

There are loads of companies online now selling artificial lawn and you call any one of them and request a sample. Some look like they have bits of dead grass and moss in them and some look like they are the most beautifully manicured lawn. There is a different variety to suit every taste. They make the perfect surface for any child’s playing area, a shady corner and area under a pergola for example. It is soft to sit on and to the naked eye can really look like real grass. Looking for a multi-surface option? I would really give this some serious thought.