Artwork for the Garden

Grow a Friendly Space


You can’t beat this fantastic ‘outdoor wallpaper’ from Susan Bradley Design for bringing the inside out in style. The mock flock is great for improving an unsightly wall, or creating a Georgian interior in an unlikely setting.

Susan describes it thus on her web-site: ‘ Outdoor Wallpaper™ is a unique award-winning product for outside spaces, bringing the indoors outdoors via cutting edge technology and innovative design. Outdoor Wallpaper™ reinterprets a familiar domestic item for outdoor spaces – use as a unique trellis, screening or simply a beautiful decorative feature, to create an immediate impact in any space. ‘

Earth Designs used it in a recent garden design and build called The Drawing Room, where we created an outside room based on a modern reworking of a traditional drawing room. The wallpaper certainly helped to set the tonality of the garden and I plan to use it again as soon as the opportunity arises.