Autumn garden love from Katrina Kieffer-Wells MSGD, of Earth Designs.

The heady summer days of summer in the garden may be over, but there are still plenty of ways to keep your green fingers busy and your garden fresh this autumn. As you put the garden to bed for winter, plan ahead for next year. What can you do to make your garden work better for you in the warmer months to come?

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Last chance to make changes in your autumn garden

After summer is a good time to rethink and reshape your lawn in time for the autumn rains. Instead of the usually square and rectangular shapes, why not consider something a little more exciting? Circular lawns and curvy shapes allow for deeper beds and more luscious, layered planting.

Autumn is also the perfect time for a good tidy-up in the garden. But as you’re chopping off stray branches why not keep a few and bring a little of that garden magic inside with you? A branch makes a beautiful frame for decorations or lights as the festive season approaches.

Keep the garden with you in autumn and winter

While pruning the garden, plan ahead for Christmas. Grasses and berries, for instance, need cutting back around now. They also make wonderful Christmas decorations. Cut long stems and dry them in a cool, dark place. Holly and mistletoe can also be dried, but get in quick to beat the birds! A dried hydrangea flower head looks fabulous too. Simply place it in a vase with a tiny amount of water and leave to dry.

Indoor gardens

Indoor plants are proven to improve physical and mental wellbeing, so get your indoor greenery sorted for winter. Orchids, cacti, succulents and ferns all make happy house plants and a rise in demand means there’s a huge range to choose from. Add pretty pots to match and complement your interior decor.

Growing the perfect Christmas gift

Thinking about making gifts this Christmas? Why not grow them? Amaryllis and hyacinth bulbs, for instance, should be planted around now to flower in time for Christmas. They look stunning as a table centrepiece and keep giving year after year.

Does your garden work for you?

Now is the perfect time to focus on your garden. Once all the flowers and foliage die back you get a blank canvas. Think about what you actually want from your garden. Did you get the most out of it this year? Does it work for you? Or is it time for a redesign before Spring arrives?

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flower head from a hydrangea for autumn display
example of a curved lawn
photo of a dried hydrangea flower head for an autumn flower display