Outdoor Fire and Barbecue in one? Flaming brilliant!

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Outdoor Fire and Barbecue in one

Small garden designs can be challenging. When you don’t have a lot of space to play with, every square centimetre really needs to work hard for its money. Small space garden design requires you to be ingenious as well as practical with your choices. Storage under the bench seats, artificial lawn that can be used to put paddling pools on as well as other kids play equipment to stop that that deteriorating the grass, plants which offer year-round interest in terms of foliage structure of form all matter.

That is why I love these fire bowls from Kadai. They combine the beauty of an outdoor fire with the practical usage of the barbecue. They come in a range of sizes starting at 40cm diameter and go right up to 180cm diameter which is just ginormous! This is rustic chic at its best. They come with a high and low stand to enable you to barbecue at the right level, but then also sit around the fire as the sun goes down. They also come with a range of accessories from pokers, shovels and aprons as well a range of cooking apparatus, grill trays, skillets, cooking tripods, griddle plates, cooking bowls, and even a paella pan.

An absolute must for any kitchen garden design. This is my must have for my own garden and any owner of a small garden that wishes to pack a punch.