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This client was looking for a landscaper in Berkshire and contacted Earth Designs for some suggestions as to what to do with their outdoor space. They had bought the house a couple of years ago and renovated the inside and were now turning their attention to the garden The client had developed a keen interest in gardening and was happy to grow plant from seed to help reduce the costs.

They liked a curvy garden design and so we suggested using a wave patio paving on the area directly outside the back door, with a large sweeping curved pathway running across the space and dividing the garden into elliptical shapes.

The pathway leads across the space to the bottom right hand corner where a large vegetable garden is proposed. An arch marks the entrance with a central raised bed acting as an herb garden A bay tree planted in the centre creates a focal point. Four more raised planter are positioned around the area.

Travelling in the opposite direction across the garden, a second pathway leads under a walkway of scented arches to past a water feature at the end of the space. This water feature is raised and eyecatching. Two pools, one higher than the other are clad with v-tiles and copper mosaic tesserae tiles and fed with a water blade. The area towards the back of the garden is for lounging with a statement piece of furniture such as a semi circular sofa and stools. This area gets a lot of sun so the addition of a shade sail helps to offer some relief from the midday sun if required. A small entrance from this area to the vegetable garden helps with flow in the space and allows the client to move freely throughout the garden.

family garden design
family garden design