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Billericay Garden Design

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The aim of this Billericay garden design was to deliver a wide open space for family use however retaining areas that were suitable for socialising, relaxing, or entertaining. The family had a preference for modern styling and were looking for something simple yet sensational in the space. They wanted it to be something that the whole family could enjoy and that would grow with them over the next few years.

Garden Design Billericay

Garden Design Billericay

Outside seating area

Directly outside of the main patio doors of the house, a L shaped raised bed is proposed. This will provide a knockout backdrop for a garden sofa. Obviously there are many types of modular sofa on the market, and whatever the choice it will give an inviting feel to the space. Accent colours can be added with scatter cushions or throws. Layering up your space with texture will create depth. The rendered wall can be painted a colour and changed at a later date. It will provide a year round pop of colour.

Herb garden

I think it is essential in Family garden design to maybe provide an area where a small amount of ‘grow your own’ can happen. In this Billericay garden design we use a Corten steel tank alongside the patio to provide a raised planter for a variety of herbs. Furthermore it offers not only a planting area, but also helps to create division, thereby “zoning” the space and protecting plants from any stray footballs that might be headed that way. Herbs to consider planting are

  • Rosemary
  • Baytree
  • Oregano
  • Thyme
  • Fennel (great foliage)
  • Chives

I almost always include trailing strawberries and some rhubarb as they are perennial low maintenance fruits. They offer great appeal to children.

Garden dining area

Here we have proposed a railway sleeper table and bench. A large oak beam spans the space and instantly provides drama. It also provides opportunity for a climbing plant as well as fairy lights to be in twined across the top creating a magical atmosphere. This oversized structure will create a use of proportion in the space and will be majestic. The climbing plant will soften it, and provide a seasonal edge.

Garden pergola

Towards the rear of the space, in front of the existing summerhouse which will be given a revamp, area of decking is proposed. This multi use space, will be covered with a cross between oak, allowing for children’s play equipment to be suspended from it. This can develop as the children get older. In the summer months, she could also be slung over the top create a den like space that can grow and change as the children get older.


Love it or loathe it lawn is pretty much a staple in any family garden design. Ultimately it is great to have a large expense amount of space for all games. It immediately gives you space for running around, and spreading out makes it very hard to consider anything else. To keep it neat, butt it up to hard landscaping, or edge it with setts or a lawn edging. It does require maintenance, and to keep it looking good you will need to look after it. Feed it, mow it and weed it. Or consider getting artificial lawn.

Garden privacy

The client has a real issue with some very large conifers running along the bottom of the garden. They are very dominant in space, and although they were doing a fabulous job of blocking out the house behind, they were also very intimidating. We suggested removing them and replacing them with pleached trees. There are a variety of species on the market, both evergreen and deciduous. The time of year that you plant them can have a bearing on the schedule, so do your research and speak to the specialist grower to find out which suits your plot the best

This billericay garden design went through to the build stage. The clients were delighted with this initial idea and went on to commission a garden design package. Please check our Facebook page to watch its progress. If you would like a Garden design consultation, please get in touch.