Grow a Friendly Space


The clients have lived at the property for many years and have made some minor additions to the garden. They are now working from home so would like an outdoor office space to facilitate that some storage is needed. The client would like to use the space for relaxing and entertaining and create an attractive view from the house interior.


The new design seeks to repurpose the garden with the addition of an outdoor workspace to the rear. The bifold doors on the back of the property create a wide view of the garden, so an attractive layout is important. Privacy and shade will be improved with the addition of leafy canopy plants such as bananas and tree ferns. The existing Victorian bath will remain and planted with some of the existing bamboo. Directly outside the bifold doors will be a small patio with a fixed bench seat to one side which can be supplemented with folding chairs when entertaining. Timber beams and posts will be installed to create a pergola with one end attached to the house. This will offer further shade and privacy. Wood effect porcelain plank paving will lead down the space to a small patio in front of the office space, upon which an outdoor sofa could be placed.

family garden design