Grow a Friendly Space


This large garden has been extensively landscaped in the rear section, however the client is looking to improve the area that is visible from the house. They would like to change the layout to make it more usable and aesthetically pleasing, including relocating the seating area. Large bush that screens them from the street should be kept if possible to maintain privacy for security purposes. Several of the plants along the left-hand boundary are also to be kept, as is the topiary Yew tree in the centre of the garden. The client would like to keep some lawn in the new design and are keen to section off the space towards the rear to hide the composting area from the rest of the garden.


Directly outside the back door laid on the diagonal composite decking creates a patio space to the left hand side of the plot. A tall tree fern gives a nice focal point to this area whilst two benches create a nice seating area directly by the house. This is bound by a quart in steel bench seat. The decking stretches across the garden stepping down as needed and is backed by a bold water feature.

Two walls, oneClad with decorative porcelain, the other with Victorian Metro tiles see a quote in Stillwater blade falling into a pool. A level change happens within this pool and another blade sees the waterfall to a lower level pole which has stepping stones leading to the main seating area. The decking also stepped down and features a large planter with a nicer in it. The decking doglegs down the garden and arrives at the seating area constructive for porcelain and wood effect porcelain planks.

This area is covered by four rooftop trees providing shade and intimacy to the space. Lawn fills the rest of the garden again laid on a diagonal to create deeper planting pockets. Adept composite pathway follows down the garden to join up with the existing garden to the rear. Corton steel panels of different widths creates a screen that isn’t solid at the bottom of the garden. Planting in the space will focus on form with plenty of evergreen varieties as well as deciduous plants.

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