Children’s Garden Design: Waterplay

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Whilst we know it is important to keep things friendly for children in a garden – and water in particular can ring alarm bells for parents – we think waterplay in a garden can provide hours of fun on a hot summers day.

Children’s Water feature

Who doesn’t remember jumping through a sprinkler or having a water fight as a child and feeling like you had had a serious dose of fun.  There are many products on the market that strive to keep ponds and other bodies of water child friendly but we love the idea of installing a water feature that includes children in its function. We think the guys at Water Features by Design have cracked it.

 Water play in your own back garden

Water play in your own back garden

Principally designed for and installed in public spaces, this innovative and interactive range of water features take water play to a whole new level. t

You may have seen these on a larger scale in the public parks, but there is nothing limiting you from having something similar in your own back garden.

If you have the space to feature something from this range it’s ideal as it allows children to have the added dimension of water play in the summer as well as adding brightly coloured sculpture to your garden space.