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Grow a Friendly Space

While browsing on the internet, I stumbled across this product , which for me ticks a lot of boxes. Not only does it allow children to have a den in the garden (fair weather permitting), it also allows for creative customising.

There is a great range of Cardboard playspace available at Cardboard Toys everything ranging from your own bijou Cardboard Cottage to a Cardboard Castle.

Not only are these options for an outdoor playspace, budget friendly, they also enviromentally sound. The strucutres are supplied as a blank canvas so children are able to decorate them themselves and turn them into just the sort of palatial abode they choose. They can be supplied in brown, white, pink or silver, so depedning on your plans for the struture you can choose your base colour.

I also think these would be a great buy for a theme children’s party. Whether it be space or fairy tales, you could easily organise outdoor messy play to decorate one of these with the winning child being able to take the structure home – something unique and different and relatively low cost.

The only decision is which one to choose – starting from £30 for the playhouse which measures 900 x 675 x 1280 mm to the largest item the Princess Palace at £92 measuring 2210 x 2210 x 1850 mm , I think these are even suitable for a present for a family.

as Kid -Eco say:

‘These are ideal for both structured activities or as blank canvases for children to express themselves freely with their own ideas and play.

Each child’s playhouse comes flat packed, is easy to assemble and can be easily stored away in its original packaging between periods of play.

Our playhouses are available in a range of colours and are modular, so allowing replacement of damaged parts and selective play with individual components’

family garden design
family garden design