Grow a Friendly Space


This client is currently carrying out some interior renovations and would like to look at the garden design and layout at the same time.

They have three children, one of which is neuro diverse so they are looking for fun and interesting ways to create a sensory garden in the space.

They like entertaining and have already bought a barbecue for the space.

They want to be able to use the garden all year round and have built a pergola so that it offers some shade from inclement weather.

They would like to add colour into the garden, and include lots of planting.


Directly outside the back door will be a small porcelain paved patio with a decorative tiled raised bed running along the front of the paving to create an attractive focal point from within the house. Between the paving and the raised bed will be a bespoke stainless steel water rill installed in the ground flush with the paving. Three water spout pipes installed in the side of the raised bed will feed into the water rill below. To the right hand side of the patio will be a timber bench positioned alongside a second decorative tile raised bed for growing herbs.

An informal pathway will lead down the garden, comprising individual stepping stones of porcelain plank paving interspersed with ground-cover plants such as sedum and creeping thyme. There will be a step up to meet the existing decking under the pergola which will be expanded with a porcelain patio to create a larger space for entertaining. The client’s new barbecue can be positioned in the right-hand corner.

A chunky timber beam spanning the width of the stone patio will allow for fairy lights and climbers as well as creating additional

shade and privacy. Fixed to this a will be a bespoke drop-down table to allow for dining in the back corner of the space.

Further beams and posts will be added to extend the existing pergola to create space to suspend points for children’s play equipment such as a cargo net, a swing and monkey bars.

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