How to create a retreat garden

garden design

Our client Noel, wanted to know how to create a retreat garden. He was after something where he could get away from the hassle of life. He sent us these photos asking for a garden design for his small, urban London garden. The site is surrounded on all sides by neighbouring gardens, and the only access is a narrow path with the entrance butting against a corner.  He needs to keep the existing path and shed.

As the fences are to stay, Earth Designs advise splashing out on a good collection of evergreen climbers to make the most of these vertical surfaces, as well as a lovely ornamental tree to create height and a sense of privacy. Although the area is too small for a lawn, a kidney-shaped seating area of paving or decking could be bisected by the path with a feature sculpture or water feature as a focal point.  The path could also be made more interesting by adding archways over it. Again, this would help with privacy and creates more spaces for growing flowering climbers, ideal for creating a retreat garden.