Contemporary Garden Design

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This client has lived in their family home for several years. The garden is currently well presented, with a large lawn and a large patio adjoining the house used for entertaining. Following a visit to a garden show for the purchase of a summer house, the client has now decided to redesign the bottom of the garden to accommodate a summerhouse and make it a more usable space to enjoy the late evening sun.

The majority of the space will remain as is, including the existing patio. A new pathway laid with Autumn Brown sandstone setts will curve down the garden through the lawn to enable access to the bottom area during wetter months. The conifer in the bottom right hand corner and the last tree on the left hand side will both be removed, but the two trees currently supporting a swing will remain. The client’s newly purchased summerhouse will be erected on the left hand side of this area. Stepping stones will lead to the swing area.

The central area of the back part of the garden will be laid with a curved sandstone patio with a sandstone circle inlay in a contrasting colour.

Curving round the entire patio will be a brick wall constructed from reclaimed stock bricks, which decreases in height in a stepped slope to become ground level brick edging to the patio, before rising in increments again to form two mirror-image curved raised beds in the opposite corner.

The highest point of the wall will form the back of a 1 metre crescent shaped raised pool, which will feed into a lower pool, which in turn will pour into a pebble filled rill at ground level.

The existing shed will be screened by a bespoke Corten steel panel in a pattern of the clients choice, with an attractive planting bed in front. A circular timber archway will form an entrance from the pathway to the new patio area.

Planting in the beds will include box balls, lavender and tall Stipa Gigantica to add a bit of screening and definition to the bottom of the garden from the rest of the space.

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