Contemporary Garden Design – ideas based on a carafe

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Contemporary Garden Design

This idea for Contemporary Garden Design uses a fusion of curves and squares to create a garden full of journey and intrigue.

Walk over glass rills are combined with decking seating directly outside the backdoor to create a stunning entrance to the garden space that would be ideal for a space that has french windows or large patio doors opening out onto the space. Materials selection in contemporary garden design is crucial to its success. Glass rills will be expensive, but that is the beauty of a concept garden – it’s way to explore ideas which can be modified or pared back should a client ever request a similar feature in a garden.

Sinuous curves snake across the garden to a second seating area towards the back of the space, ideal for a hot tub or other secondary feature. The planting itself is in giant cages, with delicate plants such as zantescia lilies and orchids alongside ferns. An ellipse of artificial lawn spreads out across the space, while the planting around the edges is mainly grasses to create fluidity to offset the solid nature of the metal cages.