Contemporary Garden Design in Rayleigh

Grow a Friendly Space


A small modern garden design featuring composite decked patio, white porcelain patio and artificial lawn. Specimen standard trees aid with screening while the black fences make the planting pop out and provide a stylish backdrop to the whole space.


The design features black composite decking adjoining the house running flush with the level of the threshold of the patio doors. The barbecue will be placed the left of this area.

A porcelain tile stepping stone will lead from the deck to a porcelain tiled patio in the back left corner of the space. Separating the deck and patio will be a flush planting bed, featuring specimen Rhus to the left of the porcelain stepping stone and a dwarf fan palm to the right. Two laser cut decorative screens will separate front and back areas of the garden, with a red fibreglass planter to the right providing an eye-catching focal point when viewed from the house interior.

The patio at the back of the garden will be laid with rectangular white porcelain tiles in a stretcher pattern and will be large enough to accommodate an outdoor sofa and fire pit. Specimen trees will line the back fence to add height and screening from the houses beyond. All the fences in the space will be painted with Cuprinol ‘Urban Slate’ to create a stylish and uniform backdrop to the space.

The right-hand side of the garden will comprise a long strip of artificial lawn installed slightly lower than the rest of the hard landscaping, enclosed by railway sleepers to retain the main section of the garden. The plants in the space have been chosen for their foliage and evergreen qualities.

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