Contemporary Garden Design: Stylish Garden Furniture

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Contemporary Garden Design seating ideas

The Pure Collection from Viteo offers versatile stylish seating that would compliment most contemporary garden design.

Garden furniture is an ever increasing market. With changing tastes and fashions in contemporary garden design, we are slowly saying goodbye to the wooden benches of yesterday, or the ubiquitous white plastic chairs that slowly discolour as the seasons change. Consumers are now tuned into designer furniture. The modern penchant for creating Outdoor Rooms means that ‘soft seating’ is becoming increasing more important. There are already a wide variety of weatherproof rattan sofas on the market aimed at every budget, so it is always nice to see something a little different.

This set from Viteo is just that. The Pure Collection features a range of modular furniture incorporating lounge seating, fire pits and tables created from an assortment of natural and man-made materials. The entire collection has been developed with contemporary garden design trends in mind and has a strong sense of design coherency, so items can be mixed and matched to suit every taste.