Contemporary Gardens in Leigh-on-Sea

These clients have bought a new house, which they are raising to the ground and rebuilding. A super modern pad, they want a contemporary garden that reflects the interior of the space.

garden design


This young family want a child-friendly exterior space, but also want to retain a contemporary garden with an Ibiza style for the adults.

They would also like to create some privacy at the bottom of the garden, include a hot tub (very Ibiza), as well as an outdoor kitchen (very modern.)


Directly outside the back door, there will be a large patio paved with light grey porcelain slabs in a stretch like pattern.

In the centre of a planting bed will be a free-standing block wall clad with modern resin mosaic tiles, to reflect the contemporary garden feel and create a vivid focal point when viewed from the house. A stainless-steel water cascade will flow into a sunken reservoir in the bed below, to finish off this feature.

The outdoor kitchen comprising contemporary concrete shelving units with a barbecue and stainless-steel sink will sit to the right of the main patio, ready for entertaining in those summer months. . On the left of the patio, guests will be able to relax in the seating area in the sun, where an L-shaped fibreglass planter with integrated timber bench seating will feature, combined with a half-arch stretching to give light to the area

A second grey porcelain patio, will feature in this contemporary garden, providing more seating and space for informal entertaining. It will be covered by an oak timber pergola to give height to the garden and provide an anchor point for an swing seat.

Planting in the garden will feature a bold and architectural backbone softened with blooms and textual grasses to form a sensual and immersive scheme. Thistles will add a sharpness.

Around the edge of the garden, will be a selection of hydrangeas and verbenas.

Grey will feature heavily, thanks to lots of leafy plants, which again gives a contemporary garden feel. There will be a plethora of flowers and greenery, offering hints of purple and blues throughout to add a pop of colour through the greenery.

Fences will be painted Cuprinol Garden Shades ‘Silverbirch’.

family garden design
family garden design