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Cooking friendly garden design – boiling over with ideas

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Preparing meals outdoors in the UK is becoming more popular, so we were not surprised when approached for help with a cooking friendly garden design.  Living in East London, this lady is a chef and wants to be able to flex her creative muscles by cooking in her garden. She wanted it to reflect her personality and have a garden where she could entertain lots of friends on a grand scale.

Cooking friendly garden design – it’s in the design

Katrina, the head of garden design went to visit the client to give her an idea of what she could do with a space. She suggested the last patio area directly outside the back door was Indian sandstone. A rendered planter filled with herbs was to provide the back of a fixed bench, table and chairs. This would maximise the seating area and allow for dining on a grand scale.


Outdoor kitchen

Opposite, a grand outdoor kitchen featuring a gas hob, sink, pizza oven and countertop would provide the perfect backdrop for any exterior dinner party.

Decking pathway running down the right hand side of the garden would give the users more walking space. A deeply planted flowerbed, a deck and pathway leads down to the second area at the bottom of the garden. This area would be positioned to make the most of the late afternoon Sun, and features a sofa and two armchairs around a fire pit.

The fence panels currently screen the back of the garden, hiding a small storage area. These will be moved to the left of the space. There will be a small gap, before one panel is positioned to the right hand side of the space screens and the sandboxes towards the back.

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Kitchen friendly garden design - Earth Designs' sketches