Cool products for contemporary garden design: Swinglab

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Sometimes the most obvious ideas leave you speechless, wondering ‘how come I never thought of this?’ Swinglab is one such idea. This modular adult swing lets you mix it up with its movable backrests, so that you can create a variety of seating options. Made in America from rot-resistant Cypress wood, the swing gives a modern look to a timeless design. It has an airy feel thanks to the lightweight (but strong) aluminium frame.

The backrests can be moved into a host of positions depending on how you want to use the seat. You can create a chaise-longue style lounger for one, or two people can sit back to back, face to face, side by side or even facing in opposite directions in the style of a love seat. And all accompanied by a gentle swinging motion to comfort and relax. It’s versatility and simple good looks would make it an ideal inclusion in any contemporary garden design.

The Swinglab garden seat would make a welcome addition to any contemporary garden design

The manufacturers are keen to stress the quality of materials and workmanship: ‘Every SwingLab swing is crafted from heirloom-quality cypress and lightweight aluminium, both of which are locally sourced and proven to stand the test of time. Cypress wood, in particular, is prized the world over for an unrivalled natural resistance to the elements and insects for beauty that lasts.’