Ben Nicholson OM1935 (white relief)


Courtyard Garden design










This design lends itself to a Courtyard garden design and is inspired by a simple piece of art by Ben Nicholson. The concept sketch takes the string shapes represented in this piece and transfers them directly to a simple garden layout. The crisp lines and the relief nature of the original artwork lends itself well to garden design. In the concept, steps lead up to a large raised white travertine  patio upon which the user could place either table and chairs or sun loungers. In the back right hand corner of the patio sits a hot tub or sunken plunge pool to echo the relief circle in the artwork from which the design takes inspiration.

An adjacent square of artificial lawn will feature a flush circular daybed. Planting is bold and stark with large box balls filling the space.

This design would lend itself nicely to a small courtyard where space it at a premium.