Curved garden design – flowing around the space

garden design

This curved garden design is inspired by Red Twisted Form by Merete Rasmussen. The bold sculpture on display at the Victoria and Albert Museum is an immediately striking work. Common to many of her sculptures, the piece is based on the concept of the Mobius strip, a three-dimensional representation of infinity consisting of a closed curve, with one connected edge running throughout the whole form so that if you start at any point on the strip and move around the curve you will eventually arrive back where you started.

Curved garden design inspiration - Red Twisted Form


The design features a decking pathway snaking across the space, intersected by a second decking pathway which flows from the horizontal plane into an arced vertical pergola reminiscent of the shape a cobra makes when in it is about to strike.

Curved garden design

The structure is positioned above a disc of pebble mosaic with a spiral pattern. Ribbons of drift planting add to the sinuous nature of the design . Wind socks, placed at intervals through the space, help give the garden a sense of fluidity and playfulness.  The design appears to flow effortlessly. This concept would be tricky to  construct – particular care would need to be taken with the decking and pergola to ensure that they blend together seamlessly.