Curved Garden Design Making my Toes Curl with Glee

Grow a Friendly Space

Curves and swirls, spirals and swishes – I am a sucker for them. I love a garden based on sweeping arcs and sinuous curves. They do get me into trouble though as they can be much harder to construct and therefore more expensive. Matt always has a wince when he sees an oval deck or curved garden wall in my latest design. My own garden, inspired by Antoni Gaudi’s Parc Guell in Barcelona, features curves quite heavily It took us 3 years to build, bit-by-bit, and involved a lot of scrounging at tile shops and fishing old tiles out of skips to create the mosaic garden wall.

Metal garden chair

A beautiful metal garden chair from De Castelli

Therefore these chairs by De Castelli called Radici are just to die for in my book. The beautifully crafted the chairs and matching tables are created out of curved, woven strands of metal to create whimsical wonderland pieces. I love the simplicity of the shape, brought to life by the intricate metal work. You can even encourage climbing plants to entwine through the latticework to create additional quirky drama. I think these pieces would work well in either a traditional or contemporary setting and should last you a lifetime. I am definitely putting them on my shopping list.