Curved garden design, the must have bench!

garden design

During the garden design consultation process, and in our postal design kits, one of our key questions is whether the client prefers straight or curved garden design.

Curves vs straight lines:

Gardens with straight lines tend to be cheaper to achieve as most materials come in straight lines and are therefore quicker and easier to build. Curved garden design is very popular though as people like the softness of them and like to round off the edges. This is why I love this wooden curved bench, as it allows a crossover between the two. The Monolit Bench was designed by Pawel Grobelny for Jardin d’Albertine in Brussels, Belgium.


Essentially, the Monolit Bench is a laser cut stratified wooden seat that blends in beautifully with the manicured shrub that surrounds it. It would make a stunning addition to a garden based on straight lines in which you want to introduce an organic curved element to the mix.

Round off the edges

The reason why I like this bench so much is it disrupts the straight lines that garden may need and adds a really sensuous dynamic to a curved garden design. From this you can easily integrate it and fuse the straight lines with curves and pick up on curves again in the surfacing by cutting in a circle of setts to square paving for example. Very art deco in its approach.