Curvy Garden Design – We rounded off the edges.

garden design

This small garden needed to tick a lot of boxes. It was a split garden with access down the side at the bottom of the neighbour’s ground floor flat. Often properties in London have split gardens and this can make it a challenge even for the most experienced of garden designers. Screening and privacy can become key, however rights of way and shared access paths can also make this challenging. Often the owners can’t access their gardens directly from their properties and need to leave their residence to gain access to the space. A Curvy Garden Design can often help with this as it can blur the edges, take the corners off – you can employ the ‘borrowed’ view principal, which is exactly what we did in this garden.

The client wanted a Curvy Garden Design with lots of lawn. New boundaries were required on three sides and with an overgrown garden at the bottom it needed to be a solid screen to stop weeds form coming through. However the garden on the opposite side was nicely landscaped so we decided to use the borrowed view and make the boundary out of wide rusty steel mesh. A sweeping granite sett pathway cuts into a paved sandstone circle on which a railway sleeper raised bed and bench will provide an area for rest and relaxation.

Curvy Garden Design