Curvy Path Garden Design Enfield

Grow a Friendly Space


The client is currently renovating this recently purchased property. Part of the renovation plans include an extension to the rear of the house and the client is keen to landscape the garden to compliment this proposed new extension. The garden, which is very long and thin, should include areas for entertaining, dining and relaxing as well as a ‘den’ to allow the client to chill out in comfort in the colder months.


The new design uses long sweeping curves to carve up the space into several areas. The first area leads directly from the house and comprises a large arced patio sweeping across the space. This patio, laid with Waveset paving and featuring sandstone sett and gravel infill detailing, would be large enough to accommodate a table and chairs for 6 people. A long pathway, constructed from self-binding aggregate with sandstone sett edging, curves along the front edge of the patio to continue down the garden, separating two teardrop shaped lawns. A circular archway covered in Jasmine will be installed over the pathway to mark the entrance to the second area of the garden. This section will house a large garden room fronted by a small patio to allow the client to place a comfortable chair for lounging. The pathway will continue past this structure to the third and final section of the garden. This area feature a third teardrop shaped lawn in the centre, with a bike store tucked in behind the garden room providing storage space for 3 bikes. The pathway will continue around the lawn past three raised timber beds, constructed in a ‘sunburst’ motif, to terminate at a small circular patio in the back left corner of the space. This patio, constructed from concentric rings of sandstone setts, will be suitable for sunbathing and relaxation.

Planting in the space will be colourful, using a palette of plum coloured foliage and long flowering blooms. With a backbone of evergreen shrubs the planting scheme is designed to offer year round interest. Grasses and ferns which add gentle movement to the space and help create a sense of tranquillity.

The lighting plan focuses on subtle accent lighting, utilising white spotlights throughout the beds to give a gentle overall glow to the planting. Uplighters will be positioned to illuminate the existing trees, tree fern and Acer, while LED strip lights will be used to define the curve of the circular archway.

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