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Decori garden screens that ooze glamour

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Garden screens that add a wow factor get a big kiss from me. Anything that provides a practical solution as well as an aesthetic treat always gets the big tick in any of my designs. These laser cut screens produced by Decori are an excellent example.

Laser cut garden screens, great in any design. Decori garden screens that ooze glamour

Laser cut garden screens, great in any design

Creative and practical

Decori make the screens in a variety of colours and patterns that are readily available in a number of sizes. A great addition to any modern garden design, these really pack a punch if you choose to theme your garden. They are produced in aluminium or a variety of steels, and have a variety of patterns for you to choose from. For example, if you had a Japanese-themed garden you could go for the bamboo screen, or in a Moroccan garden you could pick the Aden pattern. They come in a variety of finishes as well, so great for adding that all-important colour to the garden.

Divide space and create perspective

Screens are great for adding depth in perspective to the garden. As well as offering a very practical solution to things like screening fences, sheds or other ugly buildings. They can also be used to create division, and rooms within the space without making the garden feel boxed-in. They can also be used inside, so can help with creating flow between the interior and exterior should you use the same screen in both areas. Laying them up in different sizes will give your garden depth and intrigue, making it seem bigger than it actually is.

Up the ante with your lighting

Screens can enhance privacy while still letting in light. You could use them as a trellis on top of fencing or as a decorative panel mounted directly onto the fence or wall. Backlit, they create fabulous shadows and patterns across the floor. I have also used a top hurdle is to create a great dynamic, casting shadows on the ground.