Detailing in a garden design can help bring it to a new level.

garden design

Moroccan Tile border

The old adage the devil is in the detail can be applied to any garden design and build. I think detailing in a garden design can really add the extra va va vroomm. Consider adding small pockets of detail to accentuate certain themes.

This in particular, is true in hard landscaping where you may wish to add some Moroccan tiling to all walls to take it to the next level. Simply adding a tiled border is like drawing round things with a black felt tip! It makes it pop out and states ‘pay attention – look at me’

In the modern garden scheme for example you may wish to add some metal trim to raised beds and in a rustic garden, a nice copper stone to the top of the wall takes some beating.

The same rules can also be applied to paving a feature in most garden designs. Edging the patio with sett paving helps to set it off especially in a contrasting colour. Similarly the edging of a lawn not only helps to set it all off it also provides an easy open ‘mowline’.

Strategically place pots, particularly ones that challenge the space, such as oversized ones, for example tall planters with short plants again add another dimension to the space. These can provide a really effective design trick for any space.