Diary of Essex and London Garden Design: Week 21 2014

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What's on the Board: Diary of Essex and London Garden Design Week 21

More news from the Shedquarters of the Essex and London Garden Design studio:

Katrina went to Chelsea Flower Show this week and met award-winning designer Cleve West. She spoke with him about doing a show garden herself in a couple of years and he agreed to give her some time to answer her questions in a couple of months. The gardens at the show were, as usual, to a fantastic standard, although the focus this year is very much more on planting than design. Katrina did manage to commit a few ideas to memory.

The new website design is now underway, and after a meeting with the designer we have set up an Instagram account for Earth Designs. Katrina is busy hashtagging all things garden related!

Our regular photographer, Marcus Harpur, has photographed another of our landscaping projects in East London. Completed nearly two years ago, this garden is showing the wear and tear of regular use by an active toddler, but is standing up to the punishment! The plants have matured nicely and the gabion wall is still looking good.

Katrina has booked another Google Sketch Up for Garden Designers course for the summer. The student has already completed one of Katrina’s other courses and now wishes to brush up her computer skills.

Katrina went to visit a potential client to undertake garden design consultation. They required design for their shared garden in Islington. Overgrown and without any features, it was sandwiched between the two other gardens and in need to screening as well as some seating and planting.

When Earth Designs moves offices to Essex in the near future we would like to maintain our London presence. To this end, we have been chatting to a local estate agent, Estates 17, who have agreed to let Earth Designs share their Walthamstow office when we move.

Work continues on our Leytonstone build, with installation of the sandstone paving underway this week. Weather permitting, the project should be completed in the next  two to three weeks.