Diary of a London and Essex Garden Design Company: Week 11 2015

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Essex Garden Design Company diary week 11

Another full week for our busy London and Essex Garden Design Company:

Matt has now finished the build at the convent in east London, having returned to install a few additional plants. The general consensus from the residents was that the makeover was a vast improvement on the original courtyard that would inspire them to get out more often.

We have began working on the garden build in West London. Matt and his team have cleared the difficult to access site and filled several skips with a huge amount of soil excavated from the sire. The team have laid the foundations for the raised bed walls and will continue to level the site over the following week.

Katrina has been super busy this week with a couple of days of back-to-back consultations and presentations. There were three on Saturday. The first was a couple looking to revamp their yard to accommodate their new family. Katrina drew them a versatile design allowing plenty of opportunity for marrying adults space with a children’s sunken sandpit, paddling pool and ball pool.

The second consultation in Walthamstow was for a young couple who had just bought their first property together and we’re looking to revamp the space to reflect their lifestyles. Katrina suggested a series of raised planters as well as a graffiti wall.

The third was for a couple in Leytonstone who had completely renovated the inside of their house and were now turning their attentions to finishing off the middle section of their garden. Katrina suggested an eclectic mix of found objects, raised vegetable beds and gabions filled with logs to create interest and screening.

Katrina also visited our Essex garden design competition winner this week. Together they created an ambitious design including a large water feature, clipped hedging and covered decked area. The clients are looking to get the design done within the next few months. Matt completed a full site survey and work will commence on it in the studio in the next week or so.

Katrina also went to present the design to our Leigh-on-Sea competition winners. They were delighted with the results but don’t have the funds to commission the build until towards the end of the year.

Finally, Katrina went to present a garden design to a client in Leytonstone and after a few tweaks to the scope of works they commissioned the build. It is a small garden in a Victorian terrace house and the design includes railway sleeper raised beds on various levels, plus bespoke cedar panel fencing.