Drifting away down the garden

garden design

I love a simple but clever idea and Bleu Nature are the master of combing simple, natural organic materials and redefining their use and purpose. The legendary phrase ‘bottom of the garden’. These clever driftwood screens would look great in any modern garden design and turn your outdoor space into a living breathing exhibition.

Natural garden screen

A simple yet effective way of screening a garden.

Screening is an essential tool for down the garden small garden design. It is always good to have a few suggestions up your sleeve, as privacy is often an issue, as is hiding ugly areas of the garden, such as sheds, children’s play areas or compost heaps. Living screens can often be a little unpredictable and the issue I am often faced with is how to get height without too much depth. Trellis, whilst a bit passé, works well as it offers you height and length without ever eating into valuable garden space, so re-inventing along those lines is often the ticket to a stylish and practical garden design.

If your budget precludes you from indulging in such a screen, I would suggest making friends with your local tree surgeon and create your own.