Earth Designs are called in by a family in need of a Billericay Garden Design.

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This garden needed a Billericay Garden Design. The garden was tired, uninspiring and overgrown. Inherited decking made it difficult to negotiate the levels, and the grass was not growing in places. Katrina went to see them to see what solutions she could provide.

The client has recently finished renovating the interior of this large detached family home and are now turning their attention to the exterior space. They have two young children so would like to create a family garden space that is easy to navigate and versatile enough to be enjoyed by all the family.

The rear boundary is dominated by a line of large overbearing conifers which the client would like removed, although they still wish to maintain a degree of privacy. The current layout of the space is on several shallow levels and the clients would the new design to make the garden as level as possible.


The new design will divide the garden into several zones. Adjoining the house will be a honed mint sandstone patio across the width of the garden. To the right of the space will be a large L-shaped rendered block raised bed, positioned to create a semi-enclosed seating area in which outdoor rattan sofas will allow ample opportunity for relaxation and entertaining.

A Cor-ten steel planter containing an olive tree will add height to the area. The centre of the patio will feature a large rectangular planter containing a selection of herbs.

The left side of the space will serve as the main dining area. A series of chunky oak arches of various widths will create an architectural focal point to the garden.

The existing summerhouse structure will be rotated to run parallel with the house, and a hardwood deck constructed in front, enclosed by a chunky oak pergola. The pergola could be used to hang a swing or hammock, or be draped with outdoor fabric to create a den.

The centre of the garden will be laid with a new lawn, with a narrow railway sleeper raised bed constructed along the right-hand side to retain the level change. A series of pleached trees will be planted along the rear of the garden to aid privacy. The planting plan will follow a simple Mediterranean theme with a principally white, purple and yellow colour scheme, complemented with silvery tones and lush green leaves.

family garden design
family garden design