How it works

You email us to order your voucher – we dispatch your voucher via email – you send it to your recipient – they book their Online Consultation with us.

How do I order?

Earth Designs Online Consultation vouchers can be ordered via info@earthdesigns.co.uk. Please allow 48hrs for delivery via email.


Payment is made by bank transfer on receipt of an invoice.

How do I receive my voucher?

Online Consultation Vouchers are dispatched via email, usually within 48hrs of us receiving your order. If you are ordering for Christmas, please order by 21st December to avoid disappointment.

What can I use my voucher for?

Your voucher can be used to book an Online Garden Design Consultation. This entitles the recipient to a garden design consultation with our Garden Designer via an online meeting platform such as Zoom or similar. Consultations last up to 2hrs. The recipient will need to provide photographs and a video walkthrough of their existing garden in advance for our designer to work with, to be sent via Whatsapp. A consultation will involve talking through ideas and suggestions for each individual outdoor space. At the end of your consultation, the voucher recipient will also receive a bespoke, hand-drawn concept sketch. This includes ideas for style, materials and layout, but is not a scale drawing and is intended for inspiration purposes only. The voucher recipient is under no obligation to make any further contract with Earth Designs, but any further work based on the consultation would be the responsibility of the voucher recipient and their service provider. See below for further terms and conditions on liability of any further work.

How much do they cost?

An Online Consultation Voucher costs £150 for a consultation lasting up to 2hrs and taking place on an online meeting platform. Should you wish to book an in-person consultation this will be subject to location and incur an additional charge.

Booking a consultation

Please email info@earthdesigns.co.uk or call 01702 597587 to book your consultation. Consultations are booked subject to availability and are subject to change without notice. We can consult on gardens outside the UK, but consultations will be booked in normal working hours based on GMT.


Vouchers are dispatched via email in the form of a pdf. Only one voucher can be used per household and individual outdoor space (eg front, or back garden, but not both). Vouchers can only be used once and cannot be exchanged for other Earth Designs goods or services. Vouchers last up to 24 months from purchase.


We accept no liability for any technical issues surrounding the online consultation process or online meeting platform. Anyone booking a consultation will need access to a reliable internet connection that can host a platform such as Zoom or similar. The recipient will be responsible for making sure they can access the internet and the agreed platform.

We also accept no liability for any works carried out on the basis of the Online Consultation where no further site analysis, soil analysis or survey has been carried out, in-person, by a member of the Earth Designs team. This includes planting and choice of plants. Any works carried out without further site inspection, soil analysis or contract in place with us will be the responsibility of the client or their contracted service provider. Clients should be aware that any drawings produced on the basis of the Online Consultation are not to scale and are intended for inspiration purposes only, not as the basis for construction.

While every effort is made to produce a useful sketch for clients to use as inspiration for their garden, each garden and design is unique. Any images on our website are intended to give an idea of Earth Designs’ style and quality of work and do not form any contract between the purchaser or recipient of a voucher.

All of our gardens are designed on an individual basis to fit your personality and lifestyle.